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Monday, February 1, 2010

Packaging Idea From Boneheaded-ness

I have so many fond memories from my London vacation. Souvenirs and keepsakes, little scraps of papers and ticket stubs, help keep those memories alive.
But your boyfriend's camera battery charger is not something you should bring back home with you.
Oops, sorry Jess, I thought it was mine.

But this little mess up made me think of a cute way to ensure my parcel a safe international adventure.
Blurry Murphy Checkin In Out

I wanted to insert some sort of padding to the package (no time). But not just tissue paper. Then I thought of cutting up an old magazine BUT with my circle cutter. Then I remembered kindergarten class making tissue paper flowers by pushing and twisting pieces on the tip of a pencil. And VOILA! Just a cuter, more personalized way of protecting your stuffs.

What were on those pieces of paper you ask? Why images from the most recent issue of BUST. I love that magazine. Pictures that I thought Jess would like or think were funny.
I'm such a dork and I never take pictures of the final project. Sorry guys. Will update when Jess receives the package and gives a reaction.



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