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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creative Juices A Flowin

But Im on a roll here!

I saw this project a while ago and decided to try it with some extra fabric I cut from a banana republic dress I turned into a shirt. http://www.pickles.no/summer-braid-scarf

It was so easy I did it while on the phone with my friend Tif. My necks a little sore from holding the phone with my shoulder but it was worth it.

Now I'll look stylish for my kiddies.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inspiration in a time of sickness.

I've been fighting a cold for a few days now and after the hearty birthday festivities last night I decided to stay in and rest. As part of my relaxation efforts I'm staying in bed and watching a movie, and after browsing through my films available to watch instantly on Netflix I found a classic I haven't seen in a while...

 vh1's show "I love the 80's" totally overhyped the sexual tension that was supposedly between the two older siblings. Kind of. 
 And working with toddlers now made the little corey part more poignant for me instead of just being another cheesy addition to this strange tale. Now I know what you're thinking and no the inspiration wasn't to make arsenic laced cookies for all the friends who didn't come to dinner last night.  EAT THE COOKIE!!!!
It inspired me to make another little flower of my own. It's guaranteed to brighten any unwanted child's day!

Its a bright pink paisley pattern. Really cute. Sorry for the blurry picture but soon it will be all clear my children. You will have all that you have ever dreamed of on my etsy shop. You just have to stay there reading my blog a little while longer. (this is all hilarious if you've watched the movie so go watch it and make me funny please)


Sunday, September 20, 2009


This a blog created mostly to document my craftyness and new items I've created for my shop....the shop that does not exist yet....yeah I kind of put the cart before the horse but I need to start somewhere.

Its my birthday tomorrow. And in honor of that my lovely and talented friend Jill made me a beautifully useful present.

I love it! I didn't ask but technically I think its reversible and it wraps almost all the way around my waist for proper coverage. AND In honor of this lovely present I decided to use it to make my favorite cupcake.

Confetti cupcakes!

These are by far the most horribly processed things in the world. But they taste so friggin good to me. I have my mission now. To make a more natural version of these delights. Check back on this later.

And now a sneak preview of something I will be selling in my etsy shop...when I make it...eventually...yeah.

Its a fabric flower pin but can also be a hair clip. More details on the store site, coming soon.