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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dia De Los Awesome

Holy Crap Saturday night was great!

It was a semi impromptu party event Jesse and I attended. A day of the dead themed pop up club. This group who puts it on does other themed nights as well, there is another party coming up called Shore Leave and it's nautical themed (Oh I hope someone actually comes dressed up as Shore Leave from GIJOE though). I don't know all the details. So if someone knows the full info let me know!

It wasn't too traditional mind you, mostly people dressed up semi gothy with sugar skull face paint. But it was one hell of an evening.
There was a face painting booth in case you forgot to do your own makeup.

There were some charleston dancers, a fire dancer, a contortionist, and Nosferatu was playing on the wall above the stage.

Even a pinata filled with "guts".

I think the major reason this all worked out was the fact that we barely even remebered that this was happening this weekend, which in turn made me not over think things too much.
But I ended up having the perfect outfit for the night and it was awesome.

I even made extra paper flowers with a little homemade business card attached the the stem. There is no harm in pimping myself a little while having fun.

I've had friends show me how to make these before but I researched a little bit just to be sure. This tutorial was the best I found. They're so easy!

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