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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alcohol and Fruit a Recipe

Hello fellow enjoyers of summer and spirits!
Saturdays in Oakland mean the Lake Merritt Farmers Market.
And I always buy too many yummy things and they end up going bad before I enjoy them.
So this time I said NO, you will not be wasted yummy things.

I purchased a basket of ready to go strawberries. Boy howdy.
I ate some, gave some away, and still had some leftover at the ending of the day.
These bad boys were so ready they wouldn't have lasted the night. So what to do with tasty sweet strawberries that doesn't involve having to bake desserts in the hot summer night?

Infuse Booze!

I just found some alcohol my hosts were not planning on drinking (they're whiskey drinkers)
And sliced up the strawberries into the bottle et voila!
There are plenty of recipes/instructions out there in the interwebs. Go check em out!

*Keep the booze in a dark, cool place while it's working it's magic. *And go check how long you should be letting it sit, cause that timing depends on what you put in it.
I only let mine sit for a few hours before I tried out some cocktails that night.
Here's a serving suggestions for you lazy drinkers out there. 8)

Strawberry Ginger Lemonade!!
Portions may vary depending on how sweet or ginger-y you want this but basically...

*1 shot strawberry infused vodka
*Splash of simple syrup
*Juice of half a lemon (juice from the store works as well but won't be as bright tasting!)
*Grated fresh ginger

-Pour all into shaker with ice and shake shake shake seniora. Then strain into glass and enjoy!

It took a couple times to perfect the right ratio for my taste but once I got it ooohmm doggies it was good. You can do a non-alcoholic variation of this too. Maybe puree the strawberries instead and add lemonade and grated ginger. Yummy either way I think!


Love and Infused Booze,

~Valiant V

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  1. Halloes!

    I'm your partner for the Photoswap this year! Thought I'd drop by and say hello.

    BTW, great way to use up fruit! Fruit and booze is always a great combo... and candy and booze also go extremely well together (it's a tad less healthy though).