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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ashley's Braid Scarf Tutorial

Ok so I've posted this before with a link to the original tutorial but I thought I'd give it a crack at making my own. Cause it's super easy and such a fun addition to anyones wardrobe.

*Get a shirt. The larger the better. If you want to decorate it beforehand that'd be a nice touch. Or just leave it plain, or use a favorite t-shirt with a cool logo that maybe doesn't fit anymore, what have you.
*Trim the sleeves and collar off and cut along the sides to make two even-ish pieces. I left the end hemming on cause it made the braid ends look cooler.
*Sew the two raw edges together and try it on. I made sure that there was enough solid material that would wrap around my neck before I chalked the line I made to stop the strips. You'll see.

*See! So I made the strips about an inch thick but I didn't have a number of them planned ahead of time. Basically make sure that you have groups of threes for braiding and just keep careful watch of how much you have left towards the end. Once cut, carefully stretch the shredded fabric.
By the way a circular cutter makes it soooooo much easier and nicer looking. Invest in one stat!

*And finally, BRAID!
*Make sure you have tension while braiding. And I just tied off the ends. You can trim them so they don't have so much dangly bits but I like the way it looks with the ends.
I think next time I might make the braids a little shorter and have more solid fabric to wrap around.

Simple yes? Try it! And let me know how it goes.

Love and Friggin Easy Craft Projects.

~Valiant V

PS- I got a custom order on Etsy! It's been a while since I've had one of those. Going to be fun.

Gonna turn this into a flower.

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