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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Update and Fashion Copycat

Hello All,
So besides my career training, a lot of other things have been going on in my life. So I am back in London but still not entirely settled into regular adventures for posting. Today I tried to explore my neighborhood a bit. I now live down the street from my work and have yet to really see what's out there. And unfortunately so far there is nothing special I see within walking distance. But that doesn't mean I can't jump on a bus and go somewhere else exciting around London. I started bookmarking things I want to check out on Yelp.

The weather has recently chilled here. Feels like what mid-December would be back home and that's scaring me because it's only late September here. I have never experienced a proper season apparently. Damn you mild weathered upbringing! I am in no way prepared for this.

On a more girly fashion note:

I've been exploring and experimenting with my style a bit as well. I watched a tutorial some time ago on another site, Calivintage, on how to tie a sash into a turban.
So great when you have no desire to style your hair that day.
Ok it's not much different from the usual t-shirt, jeans, sweater ensemble but it's a start people!
You should try it. It's actually a cooler alternative to a hat, covered up my ears all warm and toasty as well.
And actually watching the video again today it turns out I tied it differently. But the video inspired me to try out a new hair style if you will so thanks Erin. She calls it a turban but mine was more just a scarf awkwardly wrapped around my head. Like a modern day Rosie the riveter who in no way supports her country actually, sorry amuurika, I'm teaching British children instead.

That's it for now peeps. Going to try and get some more interviews going on this thing again soon. So sorry for the delay.

Love and "Turbans"

~Valiant V

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photoswap 2010

OOPS! I thought I had posted this. It's about time I started really updating this again.
So this is from September actually. From a photoswap that I was apart of.

I ended up swapping unprocessed film with a stranger (a nice one mind you!) who was on a list created by an awesome blogger. We mailed each other our unprocessed rolls and waited in anticipation for the results to be shared. These were a few of my favorites from the roll I made.

Love and Fisheye Lomo Cameras,

~Valiant V

Regents Canal... IM ON A BOAT

Had a girls day out last sunday with my new friend Ce Cille. We walked all over the place.
Had some lovely tea and cake at the Cake Hole (will change to a link when they get their site up),
visited a flower market, a lot of little local stores

Neon Carrot Decoration!
Didn't even try to eat it. Damn fine carrot cake though.

Tea shop was in the back of a vintage shop.
All these embroidered pictures on the wall were for sale too.

I remember seeing these guys in the mary poppins movie but still have no clue as to what the hell they are.
And I have no intention to find out on the internet either. Gonna just wait til I work up the nerve to talk to one of em.

And we ended the awesomeness with something I've wanted to do since I got here
ride a boat along Regents canal
Her friend owns a canal boat and offered a ride to a canal fair going on down the way.
We got to sit on top of the front of the boat. Was amazing. Mostly because I felt like a prom queen on a boat. Waving at all the people (yes it was mostly kids but I swear there were some adults that waved and smiled as they walked along as well! )

A big thanks to Ce Cille for taking me on this wonderful adventure and documenting it to boot!

Love and Canal Boats

~Valiant V