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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Battersea Park Festival

It all happened a few weeks ago and Im just now posting about it. Sowie.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee at Battersea Park!
More specifically, my booth, in the vintage village section of the festival.
The calm before the storm. 
See my pretty display! It all came together.

My lovely interns and I placed the final touches on our display before getting down to the business of actually teaching them how to make the darn things. hehe. I'd say they did a pretty good job!

My volunteers arrive and get stuck right in. Thanks for helping out Erica!

It got swarmed a few times. Steady most of the time with busy crafters. Everyone loved the idea.

Even had some face painters flown in. Wish I had time to get one myself. Cheers Yasmin!

Closed up shop a bit early as I ran out of everything! Shoulda done it in shifts. Lesson learned.

Got to leave a little early. Just in time for the walk across the bridge with sideways rain....awesome.

This is my "done" face, all droopy and wet on the doubledecker. But I did really have a fun time. Could not have gone smoother. People were asking about doing workshops at their schools with kids and encouraging me to do more with these. Got very motivated and excited for more.

Well that's it, shows over, nothing to see here, move along please!

~Valiant V

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Battersea Park Diamond Jubilee Festival Prep

 So this is what's been keepin me busy for a while. Im heading up a flower headpiece salon in the vintage village of Battersea Park's Diamond Jubilee Festival
The event is sold out! A little daunting but it's happening tomorrow and there's no stopping it so...why worry?

These pics are from some of the prep work I've been doing lately.
 First: Photo shoot for part of the tent salon decor. Big thanks to Joe the photographer & location scout hehe. 

Thanks for being such a sport Mari. I have such hot friends don't I?

 Next: Finding a florist to provide our flowers for Sunday. Of course you need to head over to New Covent Garden Flower Market. So many beautiful flowers and it's open to the public so you can go check it out too! 

Big thanks to Joe and the rest of the Bloomfield team for your services and delivery. Made my life a whole lot easier.

The Tent!: I got so excited and started the prep work before remembering to take an outside shot. 
Tomorrow then.

My lovely helpers for the weekend. Thanks to Martha and Isabel for all your help. 

Look! Final version of hippie-warhol Mariana. Another huge thank you to Hemingway Vintage design team for helping me perfect my original idea. 

I feel like Im giving a speech with all these thank you's but it was definitely a team effort. Could not have done this on my own without all you guys, especially Leona our fearless leader. Can't wait for tomorrow! More pictures to come of the final products and fun during the day. Watch this space.

Love And Flower Headpieces On An Extreme Level!

~Valiant V