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Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Packed Up But Not Ready To Go.

Would love to be here today. Thanks for the lovely picture thepinkballoon!

I don't really have anything craft related to post because I've packed up most of that for my London adventure. The Gaskell ball I spoke of last time is happening tonight!
So much time and so little to do.

I'm also moving out of my apartment this weekend. If I have promised something to you please remind me and come and get it on Sunday. Or let me know if I should save it for you and I'll bring it with me to my temporary gigs.

Here are some things I've collected for your entertainment in the mean time.

*My friend Jill is participating in this craft show in March! Come support local arts and crafters.

*A super awesome water conservation commercial from Brazil. I conserve water this way too.

*The Car Of The Future!!!...is very expensive, and still in the works. But dude what if !?!

*I think this is the best piano duet I have ever seen. I involuntarily applauded to the computer screen, it was that good.

*In the SF Bay Area? Love to learn about music theory or want to learn a new instrument? This awesome community has pretty much everybody covered. And dance classes are coming soon as well!

That is all for now.

I'm so excited for tonight. Gotta go and get ready, I've only got 6 hours left!!!

Love and Victorian Themed Balls (no time),

~Valiant V


  1. woah! that pee in the shower bit was tooo cute. so are you. i'm gonna miss you V:(

  2. Dude. London=lame. Okay, not its not that lame but I am now realizing how much this is going to suck...