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Monday, February 8, 2010

A little Art Murmur, a little billiards, a little korean market

This last weekend was busy. I've been doing good with my plan to get rid of at least one thing a day. I'm slowly starting to organzie boxes of things. I took a break on Friday night and went to Jason's art murmur show at Rock Paper Scissors. It was jam packed but great to be in that sea of craziness. I met with some old childhood friends Packy and Trent and Packy's wife Shayna. It was so crazy I forgot to take pictures of the actual artwork we viewed. But I did snap some shots of us at a random Korean market down the street.

Look ten large dried squid. yum!

Shayna about to express her true feelings on the subject.

Saturday was the Farewell Typewriter show at the South First Billiards in San Jose. Pretty cool place if at least friggin expansive. We stopped at a fifties themed restaurant before the show. The waitress gave us special portions of ketchup....to make the crappy food taste better I guess.

On a more crafty note, the Valentine T-Shirt project is advancing. I do not know if it will actually look good or if I'll eventually scrap the whole thing. But it is coming along.

~Valiant V

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