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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Tattoo is Done!

At least I hope it is. Jill and I made a date of it. We both went to Lighthouse Tattoo to see Jason Storey for touch ups. He touched up the color of the other two birds and I think I want to leave the branch without color. If anything Im done with it for a long time.

A little ink smudged on my arm and Jason thought it kind of looked like a caveman. So he finished it for me.

I donated Jess's Armadillo to him. Here's Armadillo on route in BART.

Met up with Jason & Brian & Reynaldo later... to let the healing begin.

Went to the dollar and up store for ice cream dessert and found myself a kite. More pictures to come.

So when it stops being red and swollen I will show pics of my tattoo. THANK YOU JASON!

~Valiant V