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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look What I Made!

So there was this place in Oakland I mentioned before, Farley's, that has amazing things called egg baskets. It's basically bread and egg (and prosciutto if you're feeling randy). But so yummy. And they bake them inside a muffin tin in the oven. So I thought hey, I could do that too. And I did, kind of.

So I basically sprayed a muffin tin with oil and put in a piece of toast, kind of smashed and crusts cut off, into one of the holes.
Then I added some prosciutto and the egg.
Things I learned or am still working on:
*make sure your muffin tin is deep enough to hold all of it, mine can't really hold all the whites from one egg
* the temperature was at about 350〫F and I didn't actually pay attention to the time. I was looking to see that the egg was at least white. I actually over cooked them a bit.

But hey it was easy and looks super fancy and next time I'll add the potatoes underneath them.


Love and a lil bit o home,

~Valiant V

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