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Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Project

It started with felt feathers. Then I kept seeing real ones along my walk to work and thought, hey...why not? They're free and purty and up for grabs.

THEN I finally found a bead store in London that sold bits and bobs to make my famed bow necklaces. So I bought some things to make earrings as well and...

It's a real feather, dipped in gold fabric paint. Meh, not sure about this one BUT maybe if I find some more interesting specimens they would look better. We'll see, still working on it.

Love and Exploring,

~Valiant V

Friday, May 13, 2011

Manor Family Fun Day

Man that was a fun day! Here are some pictorial highlights of said event...

My booth all set up in the beautiful roundwood park. I felt like I was lacking inventory, not too many flowers this time, but it was just the right amount I guess because I sold a bunch of items!

One of my cutie customers. The bow looks so great in her hair yes?! She was quite the little salesperson herself actually. Working at her dads jumble table next to me.

Another table selling starter kits of different kinds of spring flowers and plants. With instructions and everything. So cute, and an automatic easy bonding activity with your children.

My amazing coworker Beth helping the book stall set up. She introduced me to the event.

5 pounds for 10 minute massage? Yes please! Too bad I had to keep an eye on the table.

The attraction that might have been the major reason for my success.
A very unsafe looking jumpy house!
All the kiddies were having a blast on it while the parents had a look around the tables.

And the fuel that kept me going (until the Pimms arrived).
Thank you to the Roundwood Park Cafe for hosting this event and to Jo for wanting to make the Manor Special school playground a better place.

Love and Charity Jumbles (I did it all for the kiddies),

~Valiant V

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming Events

Roll up! Roll up! Just a quick announcement for my local readers....

I'm participating in a local family fun day as part of a charity fun day for my local special school!

So come on down May 7th from 11-3pm and help out the kiddies while getting your face painted with a brownie in your mouth in a jumpy house.

Cause that's exactly what Im going to try and do while Im there.

Love and Multitasking Fun!
~Valiant V