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Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is it

Ok... so I haven't been working too hard on getting my shop open and I really need to start.
One thing that is motivating me at the moment is my soon to happen photo shoot with Marissa Carter (link for her to come)!

One of my main problems is that when I get home from work I snuggle under my blanket and want to just veg out on the computer. Luckily my friend Jason is recording vocals for his bands new album today, giving me the perfect opportunity to be stuck in Sacramento with nothing to do but work on my crafties.
There's a park across the street from the studio with this on a water box. Wonderful.

Seriously Im going to be here all day. I will update this entry as I create new items.

Update: It is freezing in this place. As such, I am wearing the wookie costume that I left in his car from Halloween. Now Im toasty and my hands don't hurt when I stitch.

I've made some flowers, some experimenting with jersey fabric and mod podge happening.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

~Valiant V

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