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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Ugh...so full....
Friday, friends and I went to grab some coffee near the lake and on the way spotted the neighborhood tree lot set up! I had to run in and smell the holidays. Seriously no one has yet to create a scent that duplicates christmas tree.

Later that day the fates where on my side. My ex-coworker, but still good friend Jenn, called me up to ask if I wanted to help decorate the office where I used to work. I was to keep a tradition going even if I no longer was apart of it. It was awesome to reminisce and see the place again.

Here's Jenn reading madlibs from last year.

Sorry for the awkward soup eating picture Jenn but I needed a shot of the desk decor.

How early do you start your christmas decorating?

~Valiant V

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