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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming Events

So Jesse has a long weekend away from work coming up and we want to go away some where. But with crazy volcanos and unpredictable weather we're still not decided on where the best place would be. Jesse had the great idea of just packing up and heading to the train station to see what's available. I don't think I have ever attempted to try a surprise vacation. How would you even begin to pack for one?
Polyvore helped me figure it out. Well more like created a wishlist wardrobe for the next trip.

Gawd I would love a leather jacket with the slouchy front like that. And granted this is not including tights or any scarves or hats that would be needed for colder weather.

What would you pack if you had no idea where you were going for the weekend?

Love and Surprises,
~Valiant V

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