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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mid-Week Mayhem!!!

Ok I haven't gotten a catchy name for this weekly segment yet. But I just started it so gimme a break.

I've decided to start interviewing artistic, creative people, so that you may know, how awesome they are...because you should.
First up is Chase!
She's a super crafty lady with more talents in her little pinky than in my entire body. Seriously I think she is the most highly skilled person I know, her hobbyist ways know no bounds.

Can you remember your first craft project?
Barely. I don't remember doing it but my mom keeps everything so I have seen my first drawing, collage, etc. My mother and grandmother are both artists and my mom made sure art was a big part of my life growing up. The moment I was old enough to hold a crayon I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted except draw on the walls. My grandmother's medium was collage so after crayons I moved on to that, and we were always making toys and decorations from recycled materials from around the house. And my first sewing project was when I was, I dunno, maybe six, and it was a heart-shaped pincushion with a felt heart center that I embroidered with a C. I still use it.

I know you love Zombies, but would you really want to become one?

Yes, actually. I have an immense fear of my own mortality so the thought of sticking around as long as possible, even as a flesheating ghoul, appeals to some part of me. Not that I want to eat people and make a mess of things though. I would be fine with the voodoo version of an undead slave with a little sentience left. But mostly I like zombies just because the movies are cool, the games are fun, and there is usually a strong female hero in them kicking ass and I want to be that chick. But just in case I fail at that, I wouldn't mind being a zombie.

Do your hobbies ever get in the way of your work? Or vice versa?

Nooo, never! (Okay, maybe a bit.) Actually, when it is really slow at work I can bring my knitting, etc. But I have not had a slow day in a while. More often my job gets in the way of my crafting. I have a really long commute where I can knit, but I end up getting home at eight and I am usually so tired I cannot do much. And to make it worse, everything is closed by the time I get home so I have to spend my days off running errands which distracts me from my crafting. I would love to cut back to 4 days a week at work and just do more at home, but since I am the manager now it will not happen for a long time.

Have you ever had absolutely no desire to make anything at one point? If so, did you do anything to get outta that funk?

I do not think I have ever lost the desire to make things, but I have most definitely lost the will to get my butt in gear. For almost a year after I had a big breakup and moved into a new place I just wanted so much to sew or make jewelry, but I could never summon the energy to do any of it. Then one day I just kind of snapped out of it, must have been time to move on I guess.

In your opinion, which is the hottest United States president ever?
Grant. I just looked at the place mat we have at the toy store with all of them on it, since I never really thought about it before. Obama comes in at a close second mostly because he plays with light sabers.

Any projects you're working on now?

Besides the gigantic Me-Made-May handmade clothing challenge**? Where do I start... Organic cotton shopping bags, elephant plushies, quilts, it never ends. I have never not had a project in the works!

**At the moment Chase is challenging her self to wear only clothing she has MADE for a month! And she's been on a crafty role and is ready to share her creations with us soon. But first, a sale to make room! Out with the awesome, in with the awesomer.

Thanks for the fun interview Chase!

Love and Sexy Dead Presidents
~Valiant V

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