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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Berlin in May

This last weekend was great. Jesse describes it in better detail. The travel time was very quick and easy, despite the transfer from train to plane to bus in one evening.

Upon arrival (12:30am mind you) our gracious host Mary whisked us away to a back room club called Schwuz. There were three rooms filled with hedonistic goings on. Scream Club and the Electrosexual were performing that night.
We danced the night away. I believe we stayed up until about 5am. Came out of the club with daylight starting to show and birds chirping.

After a bit of snoozin came Prater Garten. A lovely place that's usually packed during the season (we were a little early), we were also too early in the day for the restaurant but not for the concession stand. They know that the bun is merely to keep your hands mustard free.
Best. Sausage. Ever.

We went to a lot of underground places. Literally. Kliene Riese was one such place. Owned by some lovely Irish fellas. One in particular, Carl, was awesome enough to talk to us losers who showed up like two hours before the action all started.

Sunday was a clothes swap event that Mary hosted. A really good idea actually. She was moving into her new place and had all these extra clothes that she didn't wear that often. What better way to get friends together and enjoy the outdoors too?
Jesse trying on a few things. The weather could have not been better, starting out at least.
There were parks everywhere! And art and monuments in said parks everywhere. Such a nice balance of forest and city in Berlin.

There were "pieces" of the Berlin wall for sale in a gift shop we walked by. The pieces looked individually hand painted actually.

Club Der Visionaere. This was a lovely place we went to Sunday evening, kind of a precursor to our night out. You can lounge and drink and talk and eat pizza. So relaxing and great to just buoy about on the barges.

We ended that night with a giant art show in what can be best described as gutted out university buildings. It was awesome and OF COURSE my camera battery dies early that day.

There were so many more things that we saw and did while there that would be too much to describe now. But maybe I will add more entries to this later. And there will for sure be another trip here, hopefully in warmer weather so that we can enjoy a few special places we didn't get to.

Berlin-ing Points:
*The night doesn't really start until 11:00pm. And it is very easy to find things to do all night.
*Bring an eye mask to sleep with to counter the sunlight you experience after said night out.
*If you learn the basics in language and smile and you will find a lot of nice people willing to practice their english speaking skills on you.
*One way to make a friend, have rolling papers on you, everyone rolls their own cigarettes!

Love and Recovering
~Valiant V


  1. that sounded like a blast! I've missed you that past few days.....

  2. soooo jealous...still. looks like you had the best time!! love the crazy lookin' sausage. x