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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Rack Diciprine. But I made a sandwich. eh?

So this is the second day of me sleeping way too late. And being fairly unproductive and not going anywhere. So I thought I'd perk up a bit and post a recipe entry.

It's from a favorite book I randomly discovered in a used bookstore in Oakland, CA.
The Pooh Cook Book's: Radish Sandwiches with Bread and Butter Prickles.

I love radishes.

The recipe basically calls you to grate some,

add some mayo (made from scratch for the first time!)

and spread that onto a piece of bread or cracker and top with "prickles" or pickles cut into thorn shapes.

With the pickles, and fairly watery first try mayo, it kind of tasted like KFC coleslaw actually. It gave me the idea to make a shreddy slaw with my grater. For someone's bbq later or something.

Love and Prickles,
~Valiant V

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