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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leftover Lovelies and Lazy Lunches

Another segment I thought I'd try to add

(Things I do with leftover food items)


(Things I make that are tasty but simple because my kitchen space sucks at the moment)

First up a Leftover Lovely...

Say that five times fast :)
Ingredients: Leftovers from various dinners and lunches of the previous weeks
-Pita Bread
-Fresh Red Chili
-Cheddar Cheese
-Grana Padano Cheese (like parmesan)

Alright I know it looks a little strange but oh my goodness ya'll this was delicious.
Brown up the garlic and chili in a little olive oil while the pita toasts a bit in the oven. Take out the pita, spread on some pesto, top with cheeses and the garlic chili oil awesome you just made. Put back in oven to melt. YU FRIGGIN UM.

Sorry, I get excited when I don't waste food AND the result tastes good.

Try it out if you ever get this combination of things leftover in your fridge.

Love and Leftovers,

~Valiant V

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