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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Lunches

What do you do when you want an omelette but don't want to have to wash all the dishes from it (because you live with a commune style kitchen system where you have to cook, wash and put away things before going back upstairs to eat your food in your room)?


Fry up some onions, fry up some eggs, layer egg then cheese then egg then sprinkle with the onions. Simple!! This way, the only things needed to wash right away are a cutting board, frying pan and spatula (unless you can hide those under the sink like everyone else does for later, bonus!).

This time with a little nod to the coming easter holidays. I toasted up some hot cross buns to go with it. They're sliced and buttered but you can't see the golden glory that is. Oh but I tasted it, yes sir. mmmm. And they were on sale.

Love and Lazy Times,

~Valiant V

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