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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Regents Park

There are so many chunks of green glory in this large city.
One of which is Regents Park. Gorgeous. Pictures cannot show how epic and beautiful this place really is. There were a few crazy scenes witnessed while walking through it.

Lots of birds.
You know those large blue cranes we see every once in a while? Well there are lots of them here. Saw an old lady feeding a group of them like little pigeons.
Giant swans that growl at one another, intimidating.

Quaint and actually comfy green folding chairs that turns out you have to pay to sit in. No wonder no one was sitting in them. We snuck a sec though, ahhhh. I almost fell asleep in these.

ROW BOATS. Oh hell yes we are going back and riding in one of those bad boys. I'm looking at you Jason and Brian.

And finally... THE BATHROOMS ARE CLEAN! Need I say more.

We ended the adventure at our favorite pastry/tea shop Maison de Bertaux.

I couldn't wait for the tea. HAD to bite into that thang.

Love and Cranes and Eclairs
~Valiant V