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Friday, April 9, 2010

Late Update YEEEHAAAA!

There were a few things I did before I left that I wanted to share.


Pimped myself out at Farely's. Farely’s bathroom in Oakland has a blackboard wall that changes every once in a while. Before I left I posted my info one more time. Is it still there?


I went to a performance that my friend Gina helped put on. A wondrous circus from a local troupe at a center in Oakland. I think the show has already finished up BUT you can learn how to do the same things I saw that night!


Oh yeah! I went to a craft and cuisine show a few days before I left. It was a little smaller than I expected but there were some really great artists there.

I met Melissa from Blue Ribbon Salvage. She finds lovely antique medals and findings and creates unique jewelry out of them. There was one in fact that, I think, was a medal from china for ping pong honors! I immediately thought of Jess (he luuuurvs ping pong). Saving up to get me some of that antique awesomeness.

Lee was there from the World's Smallest Postal Service. I've heard about her great work from my friend Jill who was able to help her during the busy seasons but I finally got to see her in action there. On her little writing table, so cute. I LOVE getting and receiving snail mail but these cuties are just too ridiculous for words.

Another thing there that caught my eye was this photobooth in the corner. I got there just before the line was across the room. It was donation only and they had these props if you wanted. And instant digital 4 set picture. It was a shame I was there by my lonesome. You can reserve the booths for private events to capture “the faces and instants that define your event”. So fun.

And a shout out to the some of the providers of loot for the swag bags!

More to come!
~Valiant V


  1. Thanks for the love! Can't wait for the next HoDown. Until then, see you at Maker Faire next month :)