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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On The Third Day Of The London Trip My True Love Showed To Me...

The Neighborhood of Angel

There is a place on Essex St called S&M... which stands for Sausage and Mash. There I had a proper English breakfast that included:

Four pieces of toast, mash potatoes, baked beans, sausage (a big proper English one mind you), mushrooms, a grilled tomato, an egg and some bacon.
It was pretty tasty but a lot of food. Why do they serve baked beans with all this? It didn't seem to fit, taste wise, at all.

I was still on the hunt for a warm coat and we went through a few shops on a neighboring street called Upper but there was nothing suitable. But I did finally ask someone who worked in a shop if they knew where we could get some christmas lights. She said there was a "Christmas store" on Essex where we just were. After a couple of side roads and a few wrong turns we found it! It was the equivalent of those Spirit stores that only pop up during the Halloween season. We quickly found the perfect ones for us.

WE FOUND LIGHTS FINALLY!!!!! I knew that after finding those my luck will change for the better. And it did for I found my jacket at last. (pictures to come later in a different post, in case you're interested, ah you don't care)

On our quick xmas lights adventure we passed by a taxidermist shop that was so extreme but also extremely closed. I tried to take some photos of all the animals in the tiny shop through the bars on the window. There were so many different animals in there. A kitten on a ledge right next to the hippo head, next to the moose, above the lion. Crazy.

And a puffin with a napoleon hat next to a very christmasy squirrel.

Before we went home we stopped at a supermarket to get some christmas day supplies. I added a few treats to the British food cupboard. The treacle comes in such a cool tin.
I might make something with the treacle. Have yet to try and taste the marmite.
It's hard to see but thats our tree all lit up in the window of his apartment!

And for your information I almost totally finish the breakfast, Jess helped eat some toast and sausage. Why I ate all my beans I have no idea.


~Valiant V


  1. Apparently the British really like baked beans on toast for breakfat. Not sure why.

  2. I don't know! It's everywhere. Along with "chips". Potatoes in all forms are everywhere actually.