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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jolly Ol London!!!!!!!

I have arrived!

I'm visiting my boyfriend Jess in London. The funny thing is, he hasn't really done much of anything remotely "British" yet. So after we got some fish n chips (for me, he already had that) we went to a market to get some basics. Tea, Biscuits, and Brown Sauce. And on the menu for tomorrow, egg in the hole! I have so many places I want to see and Im here for two weeks! I'll keep you up to date all.

p.s.- I thought it was about time to order up some of my own cards. But I timed it so that they would arrive here instead. And guess what was waiting for me. My business cards!!! They're so cute.

Peace, Love, And Biscuits
-Valiant V

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