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Thursday, December 24, 2009

On the Fourth Day of the London Trip My True Love Showed to Me

Trafalgar Square and Covent Gardens

An obligatory london shot. Really in the booth trying to get my bank card reactivated. Did you know you're supposed to call your bank to let them know you're going on vacation? Oops.

Trafalgar Square
Im excited to come back and see this place when it's warm. Beautiful open square that at the moment has a huge tree, a gift from Norway, given every year as a thank you gift for the help during the war.

Had another tourist take our picture next to the fountain. I immediately thought of my friends Brian and Jason.
Sorry for the inside joke everyone else. It's beautiful!

Next stop Covent Garden!
It was basically a lovely outdoor/covered shopping centre with a few booths in one section of local artist and craftsman. And we found the one spot we were looking for. Ben's Cookies.
Simply delicious cookies. I got the basic model, milk chocolate. Jess got a white chocolate macadamia nut and a chocolate chips with nuts. Thank you so much for the suggestion Jenna!
We had dessert before dinner. We found a restaurant in the centre that was in this little pit. It was a perfect place for street performers, natural amplification. The group that played during our lunch was this great classical group. They were really fun and one of the women actually had this extension on the neck of her cello that let her dance around and play. Awesome entertainment while eating.

Well that's it for a while. Christmas eve I didn't really do anything and Im doing nothing but eating and christmas-ing on the day of. So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

~Valiant V

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