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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Update Exploring My Hood

Im so sorry for not posting anything on here lately. I haven't been really busy lately but mostly I just didn't feel like anything I was doing was interesting enough to post on here. And I was just busy enough to not have time to make a tutorial for anything. So for now here are some photos of my recent escapades.

And by recent I mean it all happened this weekend. Why I only just started taking pictures on my phone this weekend I don't know.
There was a festival at the park near my house and they had setup a neat little stage. So cute but I missed the last show! Shucks. Hopefully I'll see these guys somewhere else in London.

Yesterday was the New Gallery jumble sale that I regularly attend every third saturday of the month. Here's the lovely lady in charge, Tatiana, taking photos of some headband making enthusiasts.

When she finished hers I immediately thought in my head "want, gimme now!". I just had to take photos of the purtyness.

I also did some exploring of my surrounding neighborhoods on Sunday. This weekend was my first experience of Queen's Park. A posh little section with an awesome farmers market.

I am definitely coming back again for some Sunday dinner supplies. They even had fresh squid I was looking for last month when I tried to make thai squid salad for the first time. Yay my recipe will now be complete!

Ventured around other areas like Kensal Rise and found some cool graffiti and a store with a beautiful mirror that I want in my bedroom. I love my new phone. It has internet and a gps system so that I can venture around but not really be too lost.
mmm, golden tree mirror. And a wonderfully cute little store.

I haven't been working on anything new lately but hopefully I will get back into the swing of crafty things soon.

Love and Catching Up,
~Valiant V

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