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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday Movie Review!

It seems that British television has the best worst movies playing almost all the time, especially on Sundays. This Sunday's selection included a gem of an 80's movie that I had yet to see.


A child with no memory of his past is brought to a foster family and we soon discover that there is more to this little boy than meets the eye. There's a couple of well choreographed car chases too! Good mix of action and story line and comedy and feel good. Just a very enjoyable movie with lots of great random actors.

Like the kid from The Neverending Story!

And Michael McKean who is in all those great Christopher Guest movies.
And the dad from Pete n Pete has a cameo!

As for most of these older movies that cause nostalgia I become interested in what the actors are doing now. And sometimes that gets me into trouble. I looked up my lovely little Bastian from the movie that I grew up loving. And this is the only photo that might be remotely accurate.
oh god please don't let this balding dread locked scraggly looking pedo be my bastian. Ok fine he's probably really cool and down to earth and not creepily checking out that little girl in the foreground. But still, makes me sad to see that things change and he's not even remotely the same looking as he was as a child.

But anyways! Great movie. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Love and New Movie Discoveries,

~Valiant V

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