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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bees Love Rape

Just a quick update. It's been super busy and lots of things are happening soon. But more on that later.

Had THE best time yesterday in Highgate. Jesse and I were in recovery mode from the night before (I'll post about that separately) and a website suggested we head over to this cafe in Highgate to eat some tasties. And we did BUT we happened upon this festival that was on the way to food and it was awesome. A classic ideal English fair, faire?, and in such a quaint but modern little town. And of course there wasn't a camera between us. I always do that. The one day I go out of the house without my purse (which always has a camera) and it's a great day for taking pictures.

There was a bee keepers booth, with information and displays and local honey for sale. I saw a few different hues of honey and always wondered what the difference was, and they were very willing to explain. One of the most interesting parts of the lecture was when they told me that bees love rape...it was just the way they were explaining it combined with the fact that they didn't realize what they sounded like.

" Bees love rape. The nectar is very easy to extract, usually the bee's flying radius is about 3 miles but they will go 12 miles for rape... rape honey tastes awful though.... luckily there's no rape in London ".

Rape the plant, as in rapeseed oil. But they just kept talking about bees and rape. Very weird experience. I also went up to that booth because I am having the worst case of allergies I have ever had I think. And I heard that if you eat local honey it will make it go away or at least lessen the symptoms.

Love and the strange habits of bees,
~Valiant V

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  1. Wow. There's no rape in London? Or no bee-on-man rape at least? Crazy brits!