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Friday, March 2, 2012

London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House

It wasn't originally on my list of "Things I Must Do While Living In Britain" but it was somewhere I recently wanted to check out.
A lovely HUGE old building that houses all sorts of events.

There are all these street style photo blogs that capture fashionable people on the street

but it seems to be a high concentration of them are standing around this old looking white stone building. And I finally found out where this place was. And THEN I got invited to do a flower headpiece workshop (like the ones Tatiana did at the Peckham jumble) in the vintage section of London Fashion Weekend, a separate event from the rest of the fashion week happenings earlier in the...week. Im saying week a lot...anyway.

I attempted to make my little table interesting for the masses.
It was a crazy event. Loads of designers selling their wares at a discount and I was stationed in the vintage section, curated by the Vintage by Hemingway company, I was smack dab in the middle of the cupcakes and tea counters on one of these gorgeous vintage tables lended from an antique shop. It was a ticketed event and so most people were more interested in finding great designer deals rather than having a crafty sit down with me. But there were a few lovely souls who had a go at it.

Great creative experience to get me out of this funk I've been in. I have one month to go until my montessori exams and then something big is happening in June. Hopefully there will be more things blog worthy in my life in the meantime. Sorry for the huge gap in posts.

Love and un-funkness,

~Valiant V

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