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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movie Review

Went out last night with some new friends, had a great time. I think it was the combination of late night and big cider glasses that made it a very sleepy sunday. But on the plus side there was a great movie on the tele that I had never seen before, and thats rare for tv caliber movies shown over here.

The Sheepman starring Glen Ford and Shirley MacLane.

A beautiful classic including Naked Gun genius Leslie Nielsen as the arch rival.
Ah he's so handsome, hair all shiny and coiffed. mmhmm.
And Shirley is in it so you know I'm going to end up loving it. She's actually fairly annoying in this one and not the best character but still great to see her. Glen Ford is a mysterious stranger who comes into town and stirs things up. Pretty fun.

I give it two thumbs up. Go rent/netflix it guys.

I usually don't watch too many westerns. Any recommendations?

UPDATE: freaky! not but a few days after watching this does Leslie pass away! Rest in Peace you amazingly funny and handsome man. You brought joy and humor to a lot of people.

Love and a Good Movie,

~Valiant V

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