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Monday, August 23, 2010

Booze and Bumper Cars

I am still in the midst of training for work. It is sucking my will to liiiiivvveeee!!!.
Actually, its very informative and I've met some great people there.
But it is very time consuming. So in about two weeks I will be finished for now with the classes and its back to work and a regular, more leisurely schedule.

As a well needed distraction for one night, Jesse took me to hangout with friends at a place in Central London called Trocadero.

Oh my goodness it puts our Californian Dave & Busters to shame. It's FIVE stories of arcade games, bumper cards, lazer tag, bowling, mini golf, and booze and junk food and MORE!!!
It's kind of a hedonistic Pinocchio funland.

And I have discovered that the lone guy playing dance dance revolution is universal.

Love and Whack-o-Gator,

~Valiant V


  1. i've heard of this place but didn't have a chance to visit when i was in london. i wish i had gone- it looks like so much fun!

  2. come back again and check it out. so crazay!

  3. i love love love dance mat.
    these are adorable

  4. Five stories? This sounds amazing.