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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craftiness Brought To You By A Special Request

I put my craftiness on hold for a while for the sake of the move but someone in the interwebs requested a custom item on my etsy shop! I was so glad to do it, it felt good to make something again. Thanks Kevin from Los Angeles.
I actually ended up making another flower because I had to go through my box of fabric to find the black felt. It's from fabric of this 70's cotton dress that didnt quite fit but I could not leave that lovely thing to the oakland goodwill. And since its a whole dress I can totally make like ten other little things out of it. I plan on making a bow tie, maybe another flower, originally I had plans for it to turn into a clutch purse of some type. Yay the possibilities.

Kevin from LA got the flower and sent me an appreciation photo. It makes me so happy.

Thanks Kevin!

~Valiant V