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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inspiration in a time of sickness.

I've been fighting a cold for a few days now and after the hearty birthday festivities last night I decided to stay in and rest. As part of my relaxation efforts I'm staying in bed and watching a movie, and after browsing through my films available to watch instantly on Netflix I found a classic I haven't seen in a while...

 vh1's show "I love the 80's" totally overhyped the sexual tension that was supposedly between the two older siblings. Kind of. 
 And working with toddlers now made the little corey part more poignant for me instead of just being another cheesy addition to this strange tale. Now I know what you're thinking and no the inspiration wasn't to make arsenic laced cookies for all the friends who didn't come to dinner last night.  EAT THE COOKIE!!!!
It inspired me to make another little flower of my own. It's guaranteed to brighten any unwanted child's day!

Its a bright pink paisley pattern. Really cute. Sorry for the blurry picture but soon it will be all clear my children. You will have all that you have ever dreamed of on my etsy shop. You just have to stay there reading my blog a little while longer. (this is all hilarious if you've watched the movie so go watch it and make me funny please)


1 comment:

  1. Greetings your Valiantness! Love the flowers.

    I work at Safeway, and you gave me one of the flower pins you made as I was ringing you up for your purchases.

    I wanted to say Thank You...because the flower ROCKS!

    I'll keep my eyes out for the opening of your store, and I wish you the best in your creative endeavors!